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Exercising is good, but calories are what count for losing weight

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 8/18 4:56P The Washington Post
By Marlene Cimons , The Washington Post Exercise by itself won t help you lose weight. This is not to say that exercise isn t good for you; it is, in fact, great for you. It conveys an astonishing array of health benefits. But and we all hate...

Treat yourself to the most decadent rice pudding around

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 8/18 1:26P Bonnie S. Benwick
With this rice pudding in hand made simply in the slow cooker and served with fresh fruit you may need never try another recipe of its kind. I can t imagine anything creamier, or more subtly flavored. Sushi rice is the surprise ingredient here;...

In every Louisiana cook’s kitchen, green recipes

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 8/18 12:52P Special to The Denver Post
By Marie Elizabeth Oliver , Special To The Washington Post It was always there. Woven into the fabric of almost every cooking memory, every kitchen, of my Louisiana childhood. There, along with the...

A simple, tasty pasta recipe that will help you dispatch that zucchini

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 8/18 12:40P The Washington Post
By The Washington Post The Every year, there s a zucchini problem, and it goes something like this: Too many zucchini, not enough ideas. Oh, sure, you can avoid them. That is, if you re not a gardener who planted them, or a...

On the Fridge: Treat yourself to crepes on a weeknight

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 8/18 12:32P Bonnie S. Benwick
When you re cooking for two and neither of you are particularly picky eaters, you have the luxury of stretching the repertoire every now and then. I recommend these crepes, which are quite doable on a weeknight. The batter, made with white...

Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg to open New Mexican restaurant in Boulder

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 8/18 12:23P The Know, Allyson Reedy
In another giant leap for mankind (or just the Boulder restaurant scene), local Top Chef hero Hosea Rosenberg announced he s opening Santo, a seasonal, modern, northern New Mexican restaurant. This will be the second Boulder restaurant for...

How to make your own Dole Whip (Recipes) 8/18 4:00A Amanda Kesting
You can make this famous Disney treat at home with only four ingredients and no long lines.

Hunger abated after the recession, but not for the elderly, U.S. figures show

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 8/17 8:10P Peter Whoriskey
Since the recession, many measurements of the U.S. economy improved: The stock market rallied, unemployment fell and the number of Americans worried about getting enough food began to drop. Yet for all that, one important measure has lagged. The...

Owner of popular northwest Denver barbecue restaurant disappears

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 8/17 6:51P Kieran Nicholson
Denver Police Stacy Vantuyl The owner of a popular barbecue joint in northwest Denver mysteriously disappeared early Wednesday morning, leaving prepared meats in the kitchen ready to be smoked. Stacy...

National Parks Service ends ban on disposable water bottles

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 8/16 7:37P Clarice Silber
PHOENIX The federal government announced Wednesday it will eliminate a policy that allowed national parks like the Grand Canyon to ban the sale of bottled water in an effort to curb litter. The National Parks Service said in a statement it made...

Dangerously cheesy? Cheetos pop-up restaurant opens in NYC

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 8/16 6:22P Karen Matthews
NEW YORK Gourmet fun or just plain cheesy? A three-day pop-up restaurant devoted to Cheetos, yes Cheetos, opened in Manhattan on Tuesday, with every table already booked with diners ready to pay between $8 and $22 for such creations as Cheetos...
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