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5 easy chopped salads that can see you through summer

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/23 4:35A Special to The Washington Post
When I m in need of a summertime grab and run meal that has extreme flavor and crunch, chopped salads are my answer. The five I turn to most are easy to pack and don t require cooking. Inspired by the...

Hunt for Preble’s jumping mouse at Rocky Flats comes up empty

The Denver Post (Food Retail) 7/22 8:35P Bruce Finley
ROCKY FLATS NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE The hunt is on for the Preble s meadow jumping mouse as is a Trump-backed fight that holds it up as proof the Endangered Species Act needs tweaking. The tiny mouse...

He’s blind in one eye. So at silhouetting, he’s a natural.

The Denver Post (Food Retail) 7/22 7:21P The Know, Graham Ambrose
Sit still. Karl Johnson needs just 90 seconds. That s how long it ll take him to capture, cut, and complete a perfect likeness of your profile. Johnson, 52, is a professional scissor artist and third-generation silhouettist. And he s coming to...

Are hot dogs considered sandwiches? A newspaper correction says no

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/22 6:10P The Washington Post
By Sonia Rao , The Washington Post Hot dogs are a lot of things, be it a boogieing Snapchat feature or a marshmallow accompaniment at Arabella Kushner s birthday party. But there s a lingering question that creeps up on Americans every so often,...

Snail slime hits beauty mainstream after taking South Korea by storm

The Denver Post (Food Retail) 7/22 5:55P The Washington Post
By Christine Jenkins and Javiera Quiroga , Bloomberg Snail slime. On your face. All for the sake of beauty. And, hopefully, a handsome profit for U.S. retailers looking to push it along with other K-beauty trends into the mainstream if people can...

Frostys for 50 cents and other deals around Denver, July 21-27

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/20 9:27P Laura Daily and Bryan K. Chavez,
Shake it off Cool off this summer with sweet savings at Wendy s. The fast-food chain is serving up a small Frosty for 50 cents choose chocolate, vanilla or a combo of both flavors. It s more than 55 percent off the regular price. With no limit,...

Police find evidence of prostitution at Longmont massage parlor

The Denver Post (Food Retail) 7/20 7:57P John Bear
Matthew Jonas, Daily Camera Longmont police investigate a massage parlor linked to prostitution near Ken Pratt Boulevard and Main Street on Thursday. Longmont police on Thursday afternoon executed...

A weird Florida mystery: Frozen pork falling from the sky

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/20 7:13P Terry Spencer
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Meat falling from the sky is weird, even by Florida standards. But that s what happened at 4 a.m. Saturday when a 15-pound (6.8-kilogram) bag of frozen pork landed on the Deerfield Beach home of Travis Adair and his family....

Coors Field food guide: Eating up the innings at a Rockies game

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/18 8:10P The Know, Allyson Reedy
Go Reds! It took me a full 30 seconds to realize that the guy on my bus to Coors Field was talking to me and that he was referring to the Rockies opponent that night. Oh, I don t really care either way, I replied to the guy (who was clearly just...

Mind’s Eye: A beginner’s guide to making gazpacho

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/18 8:01P Larry Pozner
Last weekend, I laboriously made some wonderful gazpacho, from scratch. Mind you, I did not cook it. If you thought I would claim to have cooked gazpacho, well, you must harbor a very low opinion of my kitchen skills. And if that is true, then...
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