Shop these local, trendy boutiques in West Jefferson County

The Dever Post (Fashion) 9/21 9:38A The Denver Post
Time will fly as you spend hours checking out what these three West Jeffco boutiques have to offer. Discover the latest trends in clothing, hats, bags, accessories and more. Shop small and support local places. You ll find something unique and...

Crocs’ billion dollar strategy: Stay ugly

The Dever Post (Fashion) 9/19 7:30P Abha Bhattarai
Crocs, perhaps the most polarizing shoe of our time, is making a comeback. The company s signature foam clog fell out of favor a decade ago, but now it is a star reborn on Twitter and beyond: On the runway, in the pages of Vogue and on feet of...

Women’s fashion begins to face facts: Americans are getting bigger

The Dever Post (Fashion) 9/19 12:40P Abha Bhattarai
As soon as Heidi Zak studied the numbers, she knew it was time to sell a bigger bra. Zak, founder of the online start-up Third Love, has spent three years building her line. The company now offers 59 sizes, and it is testing 15 more. But demand...

Four places for art supplies and hands-on crafting in Aurora

The Dever Post (Fashion) 9/19 11:31A The Denver Post
It s never too late to get in touch with your inner artist. But once you decide to brave a new hobby, what s the next step? Where can one find the right paint brushes or needle and thread? What even is a cross stitch? Don t fear: Aurora is...

Don’t remove the tie: France’s Macron bound by unspoken rule

The Dever Post (Fashion) 9/16 6:15P Elaine Ganley
PARIS That tie. He just won t take it off, even when picking his way in sweltering heat through the rubble left by Hurricane Irma on the French Caribbean island of St. Martin. President Emmanuel Macron has shaken French politics to its core but...

Navigating unique boutiques and uncommon gift shops of Downtown Littleton

The Dever Post (Fashion) 9/12 10:59A The Denver Post
One great way to spend a lazy afternoon is wandering into some of the niche shops patterned along Downtown Littleton s quaint, one-lane streets. The turn-of-the-century buildings house some of the most unique, independently-owned businesses in...

Want to try before you buy? These online retailers let you

The Dever Post (Fashion) 9/6 4:11P The Associated Press
By Joseph Pisani, The Associated Press Amazon is set to launch a service that lets customers order clothes, try them on at home and pay only for what they keep. It sounds novel, but Amazon is actually late to the party. Several online startups...

French fashion giants ban ultra-skinny models

The Dever Post (Fashion) 9/6 4:04P The Associated Press
PARIS Two of the world s biggest luxury goods conglomerates will stop working with unhealthily thin fashion models, as part of a joint charter signed Wednesday that aims to protect their health. The pact adopted by French corporations LVMH and...

Seen: Historias celebrates Colorado’s Latin heritage

The Dever Post (Fashion) 8/31 4:21P Joanne Davidson
For the third year, a group of Denver s prominent salon owners, fashion designers, technical experts and models joined forces to celebrate Colorado s Latin heritage by staging Historias, a blockbuster show benefiting El Centro Humanitario Para...

How I stick to my fitness routine while traveling

Denver Darling 8/30 11:06A Abby Miller
Hi Guys! It seems like I have been traveling as much or more than I have been home this summer, so I have really had to change my perspective when it comes to "routine". I used get a little crabby if...

What do you get when you spend $1,500 on a pair of blue jeans?

The Dever Post (Fashion) 8/29 4:17P Bloomberg
By Troy Patterson , Bloomberg What does $1,500 get you in blue jeans? One answer is 44 pairs of Wranglers. Another option: Four or five pairs of raw denim-a rigid, rugged, unrinsed jean for true connoisseurs-from Pure Blue Japan, Samurai, or any...

Mind’s Eye: Not a thing to wear in August

The Dever Post (Fashion) 8/22 5:15P Janet Sheridan
To introduce a lesson on organization, I asked my adult students to tell the class how they organized the clothes in their closets. Most arranged their clothing by type, season, color, or frequency of use; but some responses were less predictable....
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