Breast augmentation consists of increasing the size of your breast and making them more desirable. Several women opt for this procedure after pregnancy. Pregnancy produces saggy and drooping breasts which make women less confident. Many surgeons like the Medical Spa in Marbella surgeon disclosed that women become more confident and feel more feminine after getting a breast augmentation. But it is crucial to know that every surgery or treatment involves risks and compilation. Likewise, breast regeneration has several complications and risks. In this article, we have mentioned important risks and complications which you should know before the treatment.



Here are some risks and complications followed by breast augmentation fat transfer such as:

1. Breast Pain

The most common complication caused after breast implant surgery is constant pain. Several women experience pain in their nipples and breast area after the surgery.

2. Unbalanced:

It is crucial to know that some women experience unbalanced breasts in terms of size and shape after breast implants surgery. It is rare but there are many chances of surgery failure.


3. Hematoma

Before getting a plastic surgery clinic near me, it is essential to know that a hematoma is one of the most common problems. It developed after the damage to one of the bigger blood vessels in the body. Several women experience hematoma after 7-10 of surgery.

4. Nipple/Breast Sensation Changes

After the procedure of breast augmentation, many women experience sensations in the nipples and breast area. The level of sensation can affect sexual life and breastfeeding. You should talk to your surgeon about this problem before getting the treatment done.



5. Wrinkling:

It is rare though there are women that experienced wrinkling of breast implants with visible effects as an aftereffect of breast augmentation. If you are one of the women suffering from this problem then you should visit your surgeon and get a breast implant removal.

6. Deflation:

Usually, the leakage of saltwater(saline) solution from a breast-filled implant happens due to a tear, valve leak, or curt in the implant shell, with complete or partial collapse.

7. Displacement:

Misplaced breast implants can happen during the surgery or after the treatment. The displaced breast implant can cause several health complications such as gravity, trauma, or capsular contracture.


How painful is breast augmentation?

It is essential to know that during the procedure of breast surgery you’ll not be able to feel pain. Your surgeon will provide you with general or local anesthesia for numbing the area which helps feel less pain during surgery. But it is crucial to know that after the effects of anesthesia you'll feel pain and soreness around your armpits and chest.



We hope you liked this article, and now you have a wide range of knowledge about the complications and risks of breast augmentation. If you are searching for a medical spa near me, then you can visit our website and contact our best surgeons for treatment.