Are you considering Tummy Tuck surgery? It is crucial to know that tummy tuck is also known as abdominoplasty. It is a surgical operation that includes the removal of extra skin, fat removal, and abdominal muscle tightening. The best tummy tuck surgeondisclosed that this procedure involves a custom-made treatment plan. There are numerous forms of stomach tuck surgery, each planned and designed according to the patient's requirements.



So, we'll go through some of the most crucial aspects of surgery, such as types and recovery of tummy tuck surgery. In this article, we have mentioned several types of tummy tuck surgery below that might help you in further treatment. Your tummy tuck surgeon will help you select the best option based on the patient's needs and goals.

1. Traditional tummy tuck

We have found from studies that tummy tuck is the most popular type of abdominoplasty procedure. It requires a wide cut and extra healing time. the surgeon performs this procedure in two incisions:

The first is a lengthy horizontal cut from waist to hip, and

The second is in the navel area.

A tummy tuck surgeon in Marbella will provide you with a new belly as well as treat the patient's entire abdomen with the help of this treatment. The procedure involves the removal of extra sagging skin, fat, and stomach muscle tightening.


2. Mini tummy tuck

Mini tummy tuck near me is known as a partial abdominoplasty. It is intended for patients who simply desire to change their lower belly. A minor incision is required to remove the fat in this operation. It does not need the development of a new navel. Partial abdominoplasty provides less effective results, with a short procedure time.

3. Endoscopic tummy tuck

It is essential to know that people with a small stomach, and no sagging skin as good candidates for this type of abdominoplasty. In this procedure of tummy tucks near me, your surgeon will make an incision and insert a tiny camera connected to a thin tube to monitor changes in this surgery. The monitoring of surgery is essential as it involves small incisions.



4. Extended tummy tuck

Aside from the removal of excess fat and skin on the stomach this form of abdominoplasty involves the elimination of love handles. To make the changes in love handles your surgeon will make an incision and perform the surgery. The scars offered by the procedure aren't noticeable to anyone after the surgery. In the same way as typical abdominoplasty, an extended tummy tuck targets a wide area.


How long is tummy tuck surgery recovery?

We have found from studies that tummy tuck and bbl generally take six to eight weeks to recover. In the first few weeks, it is essential to avoid lifting heavy things and exercise. It is crucial to understand that during the recovery process of tummy tuck surgery you may experience some pain.


We hope you liked this article, and it was somewhere a help for you in knowing about different types of tummy tuck surgeries. If you want an hourglass tummy tuck, then you can visit our website and contact the best surgeon for the treatment.

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