Diana Beyer – Guest Contributor
Jan 31 2017

If you are a Denver student or resident approaching graduation, you may have your eye out for great internships. If you’ve studied Creative Writing, Journalism, Literature, Marketing, or similar disciplines, there’s a good chance that you are interested in an internship that affords you the opportunity to hone your writing skills.

Here’s some great news. Denver is full of companies looking for writing interns to fill a variety of positions. These include internships in the following niches:

  •  Creative Writing
  • Publishing
  • Journalism
  • Technical Writing
  • Content And Social Media
  • Grant Writing

While it would be impossible to list every single writing internship opportunity in the Denver area, there are some that are compelling enough to warrant mention here.

Get Ready to do Great Things

 You’ve done all of the right things so far. You’ve created an amazing resume (if not, check out services by including resume service reviews), done noteworthy things in school, and built an amazing, professional, social media presence. You are ready to land a great internship.

 The list that follows is a great sampling of some of the internships that are open to students and graduates in the city of Denver this year.

 1. The Denver Post

 The Denver Post is the self-described premier newspaper in the Rocky Mountain region. They have multiple paid internships available each summer. These internships last for about ten weeks, and the weekly pay is just over 500 dollars.

 The Denver posts have internships available for sports writing, news writing and copy editing, business, and features, and more. If visual content is more your thing, take some time to check out their internships in photography, web production, and visual communications.

2. 5280

5280 is a local magazine publishing house. Their various publications cover dining, entertainment, nightlife, and a variety of other goings on in the greater Denver area. If you have developed a passion for life in Denver as either a student or resident, 5280 should be on your short list of internship opportunities.

Are you interested in marketing, digital marketing, editorial internships and other opportunities? 5280 has these along with an amazingly student friendly work environment. They currently have multimedia and marketing internships posted on their website.

3. Rocket Software

This software house is a juggernaut creating a variety of packages to meet the needs of businesses, government entities and more. For the summer of 2017, they have openings available for technical writing interns.

This internship is a particularly great opportunity for students. In addition to working with such a reputable company, interns can expect to receive lots of mentoring and professional development. In fact, the internship will culminate in the creation of a presentation for upper management.

If you proficient in various data editing tools, and have an educational background in communications, business, or technology you should definitely consider pursuing this opportunity.

4. Cannabis Integration

Recent legal changes in Colorado have opened up opportunities for a variety of entrepreneurs to create cannabis industry related software. Cannabis Integration is a SAAS company that provides training and other assistance to companies involved in this budding industry. 

This Denver-based organization has copywriting internships available for 2017. If you are a Marketing or Communications major, this could be a great opportunity for you. Interns will write web copy, create and edit blog posts, assist in the creation of marketing materials, research various topics, and gain an understanding of the company’s overall messaging.

Qualified interns will be able to meet deadlines, communicate effectively with supervisors, and have some familiarity with WordPress or Drupal. You will spend the majority of your internship telecommuting. So, you should be very self-motivated. This internship lasts four months.

5. Baby Bathwater Institute

The Baby Bathwater Institute creates and runs events for entrepreneurs. They pride themselves on creating events that are all inclusive and that do not allow any pitching by participants. The result is that these events become mini think tanks where entrepreneurs exchange ideas and experiences. They currently have internship opportunities for a creative writing intern.

The Baby Bathwater Institute is specifically seeking out interns who have a great sense of humor, are driven, and don’t mind working in fast-paced, non-traditional environment. You’ll be expected to write humorous, tongue in cheek style social media postings, captions, and other content. If you have a strong affinity for satire, this internship could definitely be a great opportunity for you.

You’ll work at least fifteen hours per week, and should have a reliable means of transportation. Anybody applying for this position should be able to work without much supervision. If you are drawn to the idea of working in a very non-traditional environment, you should definitely consider applying here.


Denver is truly an exciting city for students and recent graduates. There are so many established companies and startups representing a wide variety of industries. The five internships listed here represent only a small number of opportunities available to improve your writing skills and gain real world experience. Land one of these great writing internships and you could jump start your career.