Getting to the top of search engine results is what every marketer strives. But, what is the point of having a high search engine ranking if your web page is not getting any traffic out of it?

ecommerce link building tips


Even after months of tedious work, your website may not be getting valid users who will pay to be your customers. What could be wrong with your SEO strategy?

Link building could be the missing piece to your incomplete SEO puzzle. Of course, you could be doing a lot of link building to get a good ranking. But, if done rightly, the links themselves can bring in more traffic and achieve the same goal that you are aiming with link-building.

As Andrey Lipattsev of Google said when asked about the top signals that Google uses for ranking, “It’s content, and links pointing to your site.”

Backlinks can be a game-changer or deal-breaker in bringing traffic to your website.

Here are some link-building tips that will help you bring in traffic as well as first-page rankings.

1. Internal Links

In simple words, internal links are links to other web pages on a domain. Internal link building works perfectly to improve SEO ranking as well as traffic because it makes it easy for Google’s crawler bots, as well as users, find related content effortlessly.

Think of internal linking as a way of letting your readers find more information related to a topic they are currently reading. By allowing readers explore information on a single topic from your website, you increase the overall dwell time for your website.

And, as you must be already knowing, pages with higher user engagement (or dwell time) get better SEO ranking. And, the bounce rate also decreases drastically since the incoming traffic is hooked to reading more and more content hosted on the same website.

2. Ensure NAP Consistency

For B2C businesses that rely on local searches for winning business leads, NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) is a surefire way to bring in more traffic. NAP is used to build local citations.

It is like a virtual Yellow Pages where you create a local listing for your website. Users who search for local businesses with search terms like ‘place + service’ will be able to see your business details on the right side of search results.

As you can see, these search results give a direct link to your website in addition to navigation and phone number. So keeping them updated at all times helps a lot in bringing direct traffic to your website. The good news is that it is free and asks only for your time and effort. The only catch point is that you will have to move to an HTTPS website to enjoy its benefits to the maximum.

SSL Certificate provides data security from eavesdropping and MITM (Man-In-the-Middle) attacks and improves search engine ranking. So don’t hesitate to select SSL certificate like Comodo SSL Certificate and install it on your server to gain the maximum benefit.

3. Follow Your Competitor Links

Want to find high-quality backlinks from trusted websites quickly? Just follow your competitors. Your competitor would have already found out websites where posting guest articles or blogs could give a good search engine traction.

You might also StumbleUpon good websites where they accept guest posts along with backlinks to your service or product pages. Create a unique content marketing strategy that matches the tone and character of the platform to get your posts published immediately. Take care not to stuff your posts with keywords, lest Google would consider it as a spammy post and ignore it altogether. [Click here to continue reading]

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