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1. Collect Only Data You Will Use

Someone has said, “Take as much responsibility as much you can bear until it becomes your utmost liability”.

When you analyze the store of clients, First Silly Mistake that I notice every time was about too much data.

Yes! You heard it right

The website was collecting too much data from the customers, which was not needed at first place.


Generally, you need to think that when the customers’ lands on the website, What would be the details you acquire from your customers at the first place.

It is easy to collect customer email id, contact details or even their payment credentials like credit and debit card details, Before asking for it just have a second thought is there need to collect so much sensitive information.

Because if it gets the leak it can cause serious trouble for your customers.

2. Let Third-party Providers Handle Payment Credentials Info.

If details like the payment credentials like the credit card or debit card of the customers can be compromised then they can be trouble as hackers can use it for own good.

One of my client from New York had the same issue, He was having the online furniture store, suddenly he starts receiving complaints from the customers that their account credentials are been compromised and used by someone related to your website.

He was confused and tried to research about this but nothing happened.

When he came to me and tell me the issue, My engineers look down to the code of the website and we found website was asking their customers to store their payment credential for faster future payments and that’s what problem was.


During my analysis, we came across many eCommerce stores which ask their customers to store their payment details and put their customers in danger.

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