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Dan is the broker/owner of Orson Hill Realty, a real estate company based in Evergreen, Colorado that serves Front, Hills and Denver. These community workers will receive up to $ 450 home inspection reimbursement for properties over $ 250,000 and a 3/4 percent discount on brokerage when the home is sold through Dan Skelly's Keller Williams.

By this he means that he is always striving to improve his real estate business. Dan Skelly has just launched his fourth real estate site for Denver Foothils and Denver real estate. Danny Skelly has always been a perfectionist and will not open a new office until all systems are ready for use and he can start providing 5-star service from day one.

Not only the real estate websites that buyers use for advertisements and MLS searches, but a website that highlights listings for a brokerage firm is the key to selling homes. In this booming Colorado real estate market, buyers need to receive ads the moment they enter the market. If someone is on one of the Skellys or Orson Hill Realty sites, they will see their listings.

I work and see many real estate agents (and brokers) who have no idea how much damage they are doing to their clients without being technologically advanced.

I also specialize in luxury homes, stables, farms and ranches. Skelly believes that with an engaged audience present on all of her websites, she can sell her ads to those users on her site. EVERGREEN, Colorado, Dec 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / - The real estate market is booming across the country and agents are looking for opportunities to act. There is a lot of information for people who want to register their home as well as an agent.

My first broker who hired me 100 years ago always said, "Your website is just a business card and shouldn't be a top priority." I sat down trying not to laugh because my phone was going crazy with the people on my site.

I am a real estate agent based in Evergreen, Colorado east to Denver and west to the mountains.

Let a professional manage your real estate needs so you can focus on your life. Buyers should receive real-time property alerts so they can be notified of an ad the moment it hits the market. There are many homes for sale in the Denver Foothills, in the Denver Mountains and in the Denver area. Please contact me if I can help you find a home. I hope you will give a chance to earn your trust and your business.

Danny Skelly was a small business owner when he was young. Founded and operated a small business for 20 years. He bought his first company when he was 33 years old.

It was a motel in North Carolina's Outer Banks. He expanded the business by adding a charter fishing business that was docked at the motel. He sold the business and moved to Southwest Florida. There he bought a troubled printing house.

He added digital printing, graphic design, and network marketing and design. Most of his clients are real estate companies and companies related to the real estate industry.

He sold it in 2008 after the housing market crash. He moved to Taos, New Mexico and opened a children's play center and restaurant. He sold it right after he opened and moved to Evergreen, Colorado. There he obtained a brokerage license and worked for Keller Williams Foothills in Evergreen, Colorado. After many years, he decided to obtain a broker's license and open his own real estate company.

The Denver Foothills are mountain villages near the Denver metro. At the foot of the hills, you will see a real mountain. You often have a large courtyard, a stable, and a great view of the city.

Most hills are 30 to 50 minutes from downtown Denver. So if you want to be closer to the city (for convenience), then the foothills are your choice! Especially if you like hiking and outdoor activities such as camping and mountain biking.

Danny Skelly is the best choice for a real estate agent. Dan is the broker / owner of Orson Hill Realty, a real estate firm based in Evergreen, Colorado serving Front Range, Foothills and Denver.

Dan Skelly

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