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Russia is a great place for students who want to study MBBS. It attracts students to well-being and quality of life. Course duration in Russia is 5.8 years. MBBS in Russia is considered the best choice for students who want to study abroad. The reason why it is considered as the best choice is because of the benefit of getting higher education at an affordable price. Russia's medical universities are accredited by MCI, WHO, and UNESCO. Students are eager to get admission in Russia because Russian service and students getting admission in mbbs in Russia are appreciated.


MBBS In Russia For Indian Students

Studying MBBS in Russia is becoming popular among international students due to its core academic teaching. Top Quality Medical Education / MBBS in Russia attracts over 3000 students from countries like USA, Germany, Australia. The simple process for MBBS admission in Russia helps to get rid of the complicated admission system. The student-teacher ratio of 15: 2 ensures the personal development of the candidates. The top 10 universities offer 6-year MBBS courses, which facilitate 1-year internships at reputed hospitals. Read mbbs in Russia because the payment system will not make a hole in your savings. MBBS fees in Russia are around 4000-7000 USD per year. The cost of accommodation here is around US $ 200-260 per month.

MBBS Universities in Russia are accredited by eminent medical authorities such as UNESCO, WHO, MCI ETC. Medical universities in Russia are ranked 30th in the top 100 medical universities. The country ranks 235th in the world in terms of academic excellence. Their great contribution strengthened the basic education system of the country. Well-known faculties focus more on enhancing the professional development of students. If you think of a successful medical career, you will have a 100% chance of developing your successful medicine.


Reasons to choose MBBS in Russia

MBBS from Russia has been very popular among Indian students since 1996. It was then that Indian students eager to become doctors began to travel there.
In 29 years, more than 6000 doctors have returned to India after studying MBBS from Russia. They continued their medical training in the country.
Most Russian medical universities are accredited by the MCI (Medical Council of India). Russian medical universities offer Indian students the opportunity to study MBBS in Russia.
MBBS students from Russia can easily pass the MCI screening exam required to pursue medical training in India.
MCI accredited colleges are one of the top 10 medical colleges in Russia.


The following is a list of the best Russian medical universities:

Altai State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University

Kazan Federal Universities

Volgograd State Medical University

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