As per the current trend, 1.6 billion people to use a mobile app for shop online and about 68% of the companies have a mobile app for their success in the eCommerce business.
There are several reasons for a consumer to buy from mobile phone and it will give clear direction why such investment becomes necessary:

More personalized, more enhanced user experience

Building a mobile app as an online retailer will give you peerless scope to reach out straightway to your target audience and engage with them personally. You can set up multiple channels to communicate, interact and engage customers; for example, you can integrate the app with social media sites, provide in-app chat or texting option, etc. You can also send personalized discounts and vouchers to specific customers. In short, a mobile app offers numerous opportunities for personalization, which ultimately lead to more traffic, higher conversion and improved ROI.

Customer Loyalty with real-time customer service

Using notification pop-ups or directly sending the text message to their devices, an e-commerce mobile app lets you stay constantly in touch with your customers, thereby building a more loyal customer, unlike those who accidentally visit your desktop sites after being redirected from ads or online searches. Ability to contact the retailers in real time using in-app tools or features like live chat has gone viral among shoppers. Real-time customer service which can be achieved by integrating with AI (Artificial intelligent) systems and business analytics software can help online retailers grow in customer relationship management.

With Cross-channel targeting, accelerated customer acquisition

Allowing customers or prospects to seamlessly shift from one channel to another like smartphones, tablet devices etc., e-commerce business today can flourish from a slow-moving one to be counted amongst the top ones. Acknowledging that apps are not just an add-on to your cross-channel selling, these also form the most important element which you can’t ignore adding to the network.

With the Increased conversion rate

As per a recent study by Responsys, the in-app promotion seems to offer higher conversion rates compared to email newsletter campaigns. Offering special discounts to customers who install their apps or while customers shop from their apps instead of shopping from their desktop portals, eCommerce merchants strategically trap their target audience. Engaging features like how to videos, style tips, customers’ recommendations, and reviews are embraced by a mobile app more, which ultimately help you get the higher conversion and higher sales.

Augmentation of the in-store purchase experience

As a retailer for a brick-mortar store, location-based personalization will be ideal for you because for a customer who just steps into your store while at the same time browses your app in his Smartphone can opt to be open to any sales message from you. For instance, when you send an invite to customers nearing your store, you can stimulate them to visit your store and purchase. Setting of in-store mode’ into your app with cutting-edge features like mobile payments, maps, and stock/inventory updates would lead to a closer conversion.

Improved Usability

With high definition images, various animations, and sophisticated interactions for your users, your app can improve interactivity unlike a web page which takes time for a page to load or you have to go through such a process whenever you need to buy or shop for anything, thereby, allowing smoother navigation and thus save time.

Ability to Use Built-in Smartphone Features

GPS, inbuilt camera, microphones are some interesting features which enhance your app’s usability helping you promote your business.

Specialized Apps

As your business specializes in a particular product or e-commerce domain, you can have a unique app for it, for instance, different apps for clothing, footwear, perfumes, and beauty products if your company offers clothing and beauty products.


Thus under the light of the above significant reason, it is worthwhile to invest in mobile app development in this competitive age which leaves no area of the industry to ace business profits.
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