Knee scooter rentals with immediate pickup 8am-8pm 365 days. Prices are $30/mo or $50/mo and we stock Standard and All-Terrain knee scooters. Rentals are done online only. After you place an order on our website we'll have your knee scooter ready within 5 minutes and text you with pickup instructions. You won't need to meet with anyone or you can even send a friend to pickup for you. We make it easy and affordable to get a knee scooter TODAY! All scooters have comfortable 3 inch cushions, a large basket, dual locking brakes and fold down for easy transport. We rent from home which keeps our costs low and we pass the savings on to you.
Rob Urban
Knee Scooter USA was started in 2019 in Monument, CO (originally as Knee Scooters for College), after our founder, Rob, broke his ankle while mountain biking...
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