Best Hiking Trails in Colorado: Great Places To Get Outside And Have Fun


Colorado is one of the best places to hike in the world. Colorado has local open space parks, city parks, state parks and national parks all great for hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Locals and tourists can be found on our beautiful trails.

Hiking Trails Colorado


Best Hiking trails in Colorado for the beginner

San Isabel National Forest The San Isabel National Forest is about four hours north of Denver in the western part of the state. The entire area is within the White River National Forest. There are four hikes within this area that you can use for your first hike. Cripple Creek Creek to North Peak Hike This hike is near Cripple Creek and is about two miles round trip. You can find it on the Tenmile trail map, which can be downloaded here. Wolf Creek and Chama Lakes Hike This beautiful hike is about 3 miles round trip and is one of the most popular hikes in the state. You can find it on the Breckenridge trail map, which can be downloaded here. Indian Peaks Park If you are up for a longer hike, then you can hike the Indian Peaks Trail.


Best Hiking trails in Colorado for the avid hiker

Folsom Most of these hikes are beginner or intermediate hikes. If you are looking for a hike in the Rocky Mountains with an elevation gain of 1500 feet this is the place to go. The mountain is accessible year round. You can hike or ride the trail. Fossil Creek Trail This trail is the largest single-use trail in the State of Colorado with 7.5 miles of combined hiking and mountain biking trail. The hike will take you on a journey along the beautiful Fossil Creek that is the town of Lake City. You will see wildlife, waterfalls, the Bear Lake Trailhead, a look out tower, and beautiful homes. Ogden Lake Trail This is a 2 mile hike that takes you to the top of an 1170 foot mountain. You’ll have to start climbing this trail at a steady incline and it is just as much work to come back down!


Best Hiking trails in Colorado for families and kids

Great Sand Dunes National Park – Here you can enjoy hiking the open trails that overlook North America’s tallest mountain, the 10,259-foot (3,046-meter) Elk Mountain. Hiking is permitted at any time day or night with a proper permit. Be sure to do your research, since we know this park is popular and there can be overcrowding. Safari Trail- Well, this is the most popular hiking trail in Colorado. This 6.7 mile (11 kilometer) dirt trail is amazing for families. The animals that you see along this trail include mountain lions, bighorn sheep, javelina, elk and wild turkey. Manitou Incline – This long, 1.2 mile (2.3 kilometers) trail in Colorado City, Colorado, is known for the chance to see the world’s largest and one of only three living catamounts, the American black bear.


Best Hiking trails in Colorado for climbers

This list includes hikes and walks with a variety of terrains, from easy, downhill routes to some more serious routes like strenuous climbs and steep descents. If you’re a beginner and don’t want to venture off the beaten path, we have a fun list of beginner-friendly hikes. Be sure to check the trail descriptions, rating and difficulty of each hike before choosing. If you’re looking for a little more serious climbing, check out our Best Hiking trails for boulderers. All Colorado Hiking Trails: Best Hiking Trails in Colorado for families An activity that’s great for all ages, hiking in Colorado can provide a wide variety of benefits for you and your family. These hiking trails have trails that meet the needs of the younger, faster hikers and those who prefer less of a climb.


Best Hiking trails in Colorado for horseback riders

Best Hiking Trails in Colorado for trail runners Hiking Trails in Colorado for avid cross-country skiers and cyclists Best Hiking Trails in Colorado for people with disabilities Great Hiking Trails in Colorado Colorado Parks and Wildlife also has a great website for hiking in Colorado. They list amazing hikes throughout the state with trail maps, descriptions and ratings. There are over 450 hikes to choose from. There are hundreds of great hikes in the Denver area alone. This is a great resource for any hiking, mountain biking, biking, or anything else we love in Colorado. You can also check out the Mountain Trails Guide for Colorado. This has over 360 trails to choose from including lakes, mountains, and rivers.


Best Horseback riding trail near Denver, CO

Cherry Creek State Park 7064 Nunnelly Road Aurora, CO 80013 (303) 838-6223 Located just west of Denver and Aurora, Cherry Creek State Park is one of the largest and most beautiful state parks in Colorado. The park spans 117 square miles, and offers hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, picnicking, horseback riding and camping. The park features a beautiful lake and natural area and has facilities for off-road vehicles as well. Arapahoe Basin 34255 South Summit Trail Aurora, CO 80011 (303) 864-1802 located just east of Denver and overlooking the Continental Divide on the east side of the Sawatch Range, the Arapahoe Basin Ski Area is located on the top of the legendary Continental Divide Trail.


Best Horseback riding trail near Vail, CO

This is a real estate listing from 2016. The people who bought it are still going to the Vail locations, the conditions are probably pretty good. Best Bike Trails in Colorado: Most Ambitious Trails You Can Ride in Colorado There are a lot of very great places to ride a bike. This is a list of only a few of the amazing trails you can find in Colorado. Best bike ride near Vail, CO I know this isn’t a hiking trail, but it is probably the best biking trail you can get in Colorado. There are a lot of great mountains near Vail to ride up and enjoy some amazing views of the mountain range. Colorado Hikes: Best Hiking Trails Near Denver, CO This trail only goes about a mile or two long and it is pretty easy.


Best Horseback riding trail near Aspen, CO

Our hiking trails are some of the best in Colorado. Whether you’re an avid hiker, mountain biker, rock climber, backcountry snowshoer, rock climber or fishing enthusiast you’ll have an incredible time in Colorado. Colorado is home to all kinds of outdoor activities and you can enjoy them all year round. Best Trail Bike Rides near Boulder, CO Best Archery Trails in Colorado Colorado has some of the best archery trails in the world. Whether you’re a beginner or have been shooting for years, you’ll be able to spend quality time learning the ins and outs of archery and perfecting your skills. You can have private sessions and come back for workshops or learning nights, and it’s the perfect way to have fun with your family and friends!


Best hiking trail near Grand Lake

I enjoyed this beautiful hike along the river at Mesa Gorge State Park. This is a mile and a half easy loop that is easy to moderate and you get to see some amazing sights. I walked this trail about two times in about two and a half days and loved every minute of it. I saw some incredible wildlife along the way and had some excellent conversations with other hikers. You can find Mesa Gorge State Park on the map. Best hiking trail in Denver A short stroll with an unbelievable view, this trail is tucked away near Mile High Stadium. It’s well maintained and has a stream running through it for cooling off. It’s another great trail that gets you in a great location to watch a few of the home games.


Best hiking trails in the Denver Foothills

1. Gore Creek Trail, Golden Gore Creek Trail, in Golden is a popular weekend hike with many open space lodges located along the trail and visitors stopping by to partake in picnic lunches and cocktails. The Gore Creek Trail is seven miles one way, and includes 300 feet of elevation gain and loss along the way. If you’re coming from Boulder you can travel over the 7th Street Viaduct to travel up towards Silverthorne, where you can continue on the Gore Creek trail. 2. Iroquois Trail, New Castle Iroquois Trail is a nine-mile round trip hike, traversing through Gore Creek in Colorado Springs. The trail starts in the city of New Castle and goes through mostly private property, however you’re allowed to share with the public.

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