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Dan is the broker/owner of Orson Hill Realty, a real estate company based in Evergreen, Colorado that serves Front, Hills and Denver. These community workers will receive up to $ 450 home inspection reimbursement for properties over $ 250,000 and a 3/4 percent discount on brokerage when the home is sold through Dan Skelly's Keller Williams.

By this he means that he is always striving to improve his real estate business. Dan Skelly has just launched his fourth real estate site for Denver Foothils and Denver real estate. Danny Skelly has always been a perfectionist and will not open a new office until all systems are ready for use and he can start providing 5-star service from day one.

Not only the real estate websites that buyers use for advertisements and MLS searches, but a website that highlights listings for a brokerage firm is the key to selling homes. In this booming Colorado real estate market, buyers need to receive ads the moment they enter the market. If someone is on one of the Skellys or Orson Hill Realty sites, they will see their listings.

I work and see many real estate agents (and brokers) who have no idea how much damage they are doing to their clients without being technologically advanced.

I also specialize in luxury homes, stables, farms and ranches. Skelly believes that with an engaged audience present on all of her websites, she can sell her ads to those users on her site. EVERGREEN, Colorado, Dec 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / - The real estate market is booming across the country and agents are looking for opportunities to act. There is a lot of information for people who want to register their home as well as an agent.

My first broker who hired me 100 years ago always said, "Your website is just a business card and shouldn't be a top priority." I sat down trying not to laugh because my phone was going crazy with the people on my site.

I am a real estate agent based in Evergreen, Colorado east to Denver and west to the mountains.

Let a professional manage your real estate needs so you can focus on your life. Buyers should receive real-time property alerts so they can be notified of an ad the moment it hits the market. There are many homes for sale in the Denver Foothills, in the Denver Mountains and in the Denver area. Please contact me if I can help you find a home. I hope you will give a chance to earn your trust and your business.

Danny Skelly was a small business owner when he was young. Founded and operated a small business for 20 years. He bought his first company when he was 33 years old.

It was a motel in North Carolina's Outer Banks. He expanded the business by adding a charter fishing business that was docked at the motel. He sold the business and moved to Southwest Florida. There he bought a troubled printing house.

He added digital printing, graphic design, and network marketing and design. Most of his clients are real estate companies and companies related to the real estate industry.

He sold it in 2008 after the housing market crash. He moved to Taos, New Mexico and opened a children's play center and restaurant. He sold it right after he opened and moved to Evergreen, Colorado. There he obtained a brokerage license and worked for Keller Williams Foothills in Evergreen, Colorado. After many years, he decided to obtain a broker's license and open his own real estate company.

The Denver Foothills are mountain villages near the Denver metro. At the foot of the hills, you will see a real mountain. You often have a large courtyard, a stable, and a great view of the city.

Most hills are 30 to 50 minutes from downtown Denver. So if you want to be closer to the city (for convenience), then the foothills are your choice! Especially if you like hiking and outdoor activities such as camping and mountain biking.

Danny Skelly is the best choice for a real estate agent. Dan is the broker / owner of Orson Hill Realty, a real estate firm based in Evergreen, Colorado serving Front Range, Foothills and Denver.

Dan Skelly

Dan Skelly Real Estate
Orson Hill Realty 
Evergreen, CO


Denver Nightlife: the Best Places to Party, Dance and Drink


Denver Nightlife: the Best Places to Party, Dance and Drink. Denver has great restaurants, shows and places to see live music.


Denver's Best Restaurants

The National Western Stock Show is here, and if you're wondering where to eat, you've come to the right place. 5 Things You Didn't Know About the Great American Milk Can All that's missing is a giant 6-foot "CHEERS!" on it. The conical refrigerated-cans are made by OCCO Can in Winona, Minn. Restaurant Review: Mixtli in Denver The Tex-Mex street food shop celebrates with a vibrant interior and a menu that pays tribute to street food of Mexico City. Take This Road Trip: An 11-Day Journeys through Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah Explore what’s new and innovative along the interstate to find the most stunning natural landscapes in the Southwest.


Dance the Night Away

If you love to dance, Denver is the place for you. Whether you enjoy to go to clubs, bars, to parties or even the local "dance hall" or restaurant, you will be able to find a place to see a variety of different types of dancing in one location. If you love to dance, it is a perfect city to move in to. Not only do you get to experience different kinds of music and performances, you can make great friends as well. Dance like no one's watching, but also with a clear head so you can get back to whatever you are doing afterwards. Watch Live Shows Denver is known for its live music scene. You can catch concerts of any kind almost every night of the week, even during the week.


The Best Bars in Denver

For a solid nightlife experience, head to one of Denver's bar districts: LoDo (downtown) or River North (North Denver). LoDo LoDo has a lot to offer, with plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants to choose from. In addition to having great bars, LoDo has many art galleries, making it a great place to explore. Enjoy a drink at The Urban Lounge or Mile High Spirits in The Westin Denver Downtown before heading to see the live music in the RiNo Art District. River North River North is known for its upscale bars and clubs and a host of places to see live music. With the trendy restaurant scene, historic architecture and mountains in the background, this is the ideal place to enjoy a night out in Denver.


The Best Shows to Watch

Looking for fun entertainment, but not in the mood for a club? We’ve got your entertainment covered. So if you want to watch the Denver Broncos take on the Green Bay Packers tonight at Sports Authority Field in Denver, you’ll have a heck of a lot of options. The first is the gold rush movie The Big Lebowski at the Gateway Theatre on 15th Street. On the same block is Woody’s Jazz Club, with a variety of affordable jazz and other live music. The bar opened on Fillmore Street in 1962, as a music-only venue, but since 2000 has featured live music as well. A few blocks north of Woody’s is the lively Cherokee Street. It’s a local favorite for dancing. On the other side of Cherokee Street on Lincoln Street, The Fixx is another lively spot for dancing.


Denver's Best Live Music Venues

Roxy Theatre The Roxy Theatre is where music lovers have been for more than 60 years. Head there on any night of the week to see bands perform from local and international artists. The Rocksino The Rocksino is a casino hotel, not a live venue, but this venue has huge acts like Oasis, TLC and Lenny Kravitz. The Fillmore Auditorium This was home to The Rolling Stones and the Beatles, and it has great acoustics and seating. Avanti F&B Bar & Restaurant In the middle of Denver's LoDo, this restaurant has all of the good stuff: restaurants, bars, live music and great dining. Avanti F&B Bar & Restaurant and Glitch Collective host an artists' residency.


Denver Nightlife in the Evening

Feeling tipsy and high on life? Grab a drink at these spots. Memphis BBQ is probably the best spot in Denver to get some fried chicken and barbecue. The restaurant is inside a museum, so be prepared to buy tickets in advance. The restaurant also has a full bar, a wide selection of beers and a full menu. For vegetarians and vegans there are lots of vegan and vegetarian options on the menu, as well as tasty dishes for omnivores. There are vegetarian tacos, beans, steaks and all kinds of salads and burritos. Live Music: See Almost Anything Live Dance the Night Away! Dance with all types of people and enjoy the company. Enjoy happy hour at Denver's best bars with great beer and Mexican food. See Almost Anything Live in Denver Party on the River!


Denver Nightlife in the Late Night

discover features from the Denver Post about nights out and events happening throughout the city.


 Denver. Take advantage of the endless options of fun activities in the city.Denver Colorado


How to Sell a House: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home For Maximum Profit


Even in a seller's market a seller needs to get their home ready to sell. They may not need to do as much but sellers still need to do some minor things to maximize their profits. Also to assure a faster sale. Curb appeal, de-cluttering along with some minor paint touch up is always a good start.


Prepare to Sell Your Home

Once your home is ready to sell take steps to make sure the sell will happen. The first thing is to get an idea of what the house is worth and what it should sell for. You may find that if you have not made major repairs the house may sell for more than the estimate. Even a minor repair like changing the light bulbs and toilet handle faucets will bump up the price. On the other hand if you haven't done any major repairs it may only sell for the low end of your estimate. Closing Once the repairs are made it's time to get the house ready to sell. Get your keys and get it ready for showings. If you have renters at home make sure you allow them to vacate before taking your house on the market. If they are not getting a lease renewal it may be more difficult to get a tenant.

Listing Agents Colorado 

Finding the Best Realtor

This is where the realtor really comes into play. They are the expert who knows the best places to find the right home, get the right appraisal, and lock in a buyer. In a seller's market, the better the contract offer, the better the sale. And the quicker the home sells, the more profit for the seller. Getting the Right Interest Rates Finding the right realtor to match with the right mortgage is key. They'll know the best mortgage rates and can help you negotiate a great deal. You'll also want to check with credit agencies to make sure you aren't defaulting on your mortgage payments. How to Buy a House: Steps to Making the Ultimate House Purchase Buying a home is another part of the process. So how do you get ready to buy a house? There are a few things you can do to prepare.


Clean the House

Whether it is the family's job to clean or a professional cleaning service it is still essential to do it when the house is not being lived in. An unclean home can ruin a sale. Of course, if it is an absolute mess, then it is best to hire someone to handle it. De-clutter After your previous job, your family and friends have done a thorough job and now you need to focus on your home. It is highly recommended that you de-clutter the house. If you haven't done it yet, then put it on your list of tasks. Give Away Anything that Does Not Fit the New Plan Whether you are giving to charity or selling it you want to make sure everything does fit in the new plan. To do this you may need to donate items to different stores.


Get Your Curb Appeal Ready

If you don't care much about curb appeal then forget it. But the reality is most buyers do care about this factor and will pay a premium to get in the front door. Start with taking care of all your yard work that needs to be done. You'll be amazed how many buyers will ask for that when it's time to do the walk through and list the house. Check out some landscaping advice here. Your house should be in decent shape before it goes on the market and should be in the best shape possible before a showing. You have the worst first impression as a buyer so make it the best one possible. Kitchens are usually the trickiest area of your house to get ready and this is a very overlooked aspect. They often look like they haven't been used in decades and are usually dirty and look like this.


Create the Right Listing

The listing is very important for a home to be sold. Find the time to do the research and plan properly. Don't put a home on the market just to get it sold. Buyers look for a place they like and fit in to. Research each neighborhood and make sure the area of your home is all the best features like schools, safety, and landscaping. Take the time to take photos of the home with a professional photography service. Photos are everything. Review your finances and financial obligations. That includes paying your current bills, paying for any renovations or needed repairs and any other funds that need to be set aside. Continue to lower your debt by paying off high interest credit cards and always paying your bills on time.


Market Your Property

Creating the most saleable home possible will increase your chances of selling quickly. So to do this first create an appealing listing that will attract many viewers. Also make it clear what you want out of the transaction. Be fair but also be upfront about what you're asking. You want to have a positive dialogue with your buyer. Make them a fair offer and if they counter to stand firm. Sometimes the best offer doesn't win. Get Your Home Reviewed Only complete a market appraisal on your property if you plan to sell for more than its purchase price. Get your home fully inspected for potential repairs, though minor ones won't lower your selling price. Also make sure you have photos to show your home isn't one of those expensive fixer uppers.


Get the Right Price

The next thing a seller can do is get the right price. This might not be easy but the seller should try to get the price in line with what the home is worth. There is no need to overpay. In fact sellers should be sure to price the home with a "comeback" in mind because buyers do come back for a good deal. Be Transparent In today's economic times, a buyer does not have to worry about scammers. A seller should be transparent. It helps to explain in simple terms what they are doing and how much they have invested in their home to get it to a desirable state. The less the buyer worries the more likely they will put in an offer. Show Your Features In today's market buyers want a reason to not only purchase the home but stay in it.


Negotiate the Best Offer

If your home is worth more than the asking price you need to do everything possible to get the highest offer possible. Selling a home can be a tough, but rewarding experience if you do it right. Be willing to take the offer made on your home! Even if it's not the highest, you can walk away with a little more money and time to do it again. Take Advantage of the Latest Technology Today's homebuyers are looking to lock in a deal that works for them and they want to make it as easy as possible. With the trend of virtual reality becoming more and more common, and the latest in real estate technology available, there are a lot of things that can be done to make the home buying experience more convenient.


Best Hiking Trails in Colorado: Great Places To Get Outside And Have Fun


Colorado is one of the best places to hike in the world. Colorado has local open space parks, city parks, state parks and national parks all great for hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Locals and tourists can be found on our beautiful trails.

Hiking Trails Colorado


Best Hiking trails in Colorado for the beginner

San Isabel National Forest The San Isabel National Forest is about four hours north of Denver in the western part of the state. The entire area is within the White River National Forest. There are four hikes within this area that you can use for your first hike. Cripple Creek Creek to North Peak Hike This hike is near Cripple Creek and is about two miles round trip. You can find it on the Tenmile trail map, which can be downloaded here. Wolf Creek and Chama Lakes Hike This beautiful hike is about 3 miles round trip and is one of the most popular hikes in the state. You can find it on the Breckenridge trail map, which can be downloaded here. Indian Peaks Park If you are up for a longer hike, then you can hike the Indian Peaks Trail.


Best Hiking trails in Colorado for the avid hiker

Folsom Most of these hikes are beginner or intermediate hikes. If you are looking for a hike in the Rocky Mountains with an elevation gain of 1500 feet this is the place to go. The mountain is accessible year round. You can hike or ride the trail. Fossil Creek Trail This trail is the largest single-use trail in the State of Colorado with 7.5 miles of combined hiking and mountain biking trail. The hike will take you on a journey along the beautiful Fossil Creek that is the town of Lake City. You will see wildlife, waterfalls, the Bear Lake Trailhead, a look out tower, and beautiful homes. Ogden Lake Trail This is a 2 mile hike that takes you to the top of an 1170 foot mountain. You’ll have to start climbing this trail at a steady incline and it is just as much work to come back down!


Best Hiking trails in Colorado for families and kids

Great Sand Dunes National Park – Here you can enjoy hiking the open trails that overlook North America’s tallest mountain, the 10,259-foot (3,046-meter) Elk Mountain. Hiking is permitted at any time day or night with a proper permit. Be sure to do your research, since we know this park is popular and there can be overcrowding. Safari Trail- Well, this is the most popular hiking trail in Colorado. This 6.7 mile (11 kilometer) dirt trail is amazing for families. The animals that you see along this trail include mountain lions, bighorn sheep, javelina, elk and wild turkey. Manitou Incline – This long, 1.2 mile (2.3 kilometers) trail in Colorado City, Colorado, is known for the chance to see the world’s largest and one of only three living catamounts, the American black bear.


Best Hiking trails in Colorado for climbers

This list includes hikes and walks with a variety of terrains, from easy, downhill routes to some more serious routes like strenuous climbs and steep descents. If you’re a beginner and don’t want to venture off the beaten path, we have a fun list of beginner-friendly hikes. Be sure to check the trail descriptions, rating and difficulty of each hike before choosing. If you’re looking for a little more serious climbing, check out our Best Hiking trails for boulderers. All Colorado Hiking Trails: Best Hiking Trails in Colorado for families An activity that’s great for all ages, hiking in Colorado can provide a wide variety of benefits for you and your family. These hiking trails have trails that meet the needs of the younger, faster hikers and those who prefer less of a climb.


Best Hiking trails in Colorado for horseback riders

Best Hiking Trails in Colorado for trail runners Hiking Trails in Colorado for avid cross-country skiers and cyclists Best Hiking Trails in Colorado for people with disabilities Great Hiking Trails in Colorado Colorado Parks and Wildlife also has a great website for hiking in Colorado. They list amazing hikes throughout the state with trail maps, descriptions and ratings. There are over 450 hikes to choose from. There are hundreds of great hikes in the Denver area alone. This is a great resource for any hiking, mountain biking, biking, or anything else we love in Colorado. You can also check out the Mountain Trails Guide for Colorado. This has over 360 trails to choose from including lakes, mountains, and rivers.


Best Horseback riding trail near Denver, CO

Cherry Creek State Park 7064 Nunnelly Road Aurora, CO 80013 (303) 838-6223 Located just west of Denver and Aurora, Cherry Creek State Park is one of the largest and most beautiful state parks in Colorado. The park spans 117 square miles, and offers hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, picnicking, horseback riding and camping. The park features a beautiful lake and natural area and has facilities for off-road vehicles as well. Arapahoe Basin 34255 South Summit Trail Aurora, CO 80011 (303) 864-1802 located just east of Denver and overlooking the Continental Divide on the east side of the Sawatch Range, the Arapahoe Basin Ski Area is located on the top of the legendary Continental Divide Trail.


Best Horseback riding trail near Vail, CO

This is a real estate listing from 2016. The people who bought it are still going to the Vail locations, the conditions are probably pretty good. Best Bike Trails in Colorado: Most Ambitious Trails You Can Ride in Colorado There are a lot of very great places to ride a bike. This is a list of only a few of the amazing trails you can find in Colorado. Best bike ride near Vail, CO I know this isn’t a hiking trail, but it is probably the best biking trail you can get in Colorado. There are a lot of great mountains near Vail to ride up and enjoy some amazing views of the mountain range. Colorado Hikes: Best Hiking Trails Near Denver, CO This trail only goes about a mile or two long and it is pretty easy.


Best Horseback riding trail near Aspen, CO

Our hiking trails are some of the best in Colorado. Whether you’re an avid hiker, mountain biker, rock climber, backcountry snowshoer, rock climber or fishing enthusiast you’ll have an incredible time in Colorado. Colorado is home to all kinds of outdoor activities and you can enjoy them all year round. Best Trail Bike Rides near Boulder, CO Best Archery Trails in Colorado Colorado has some of the best archery trails in the world. Whether you’re a beginner or have been shooting for years, you’ll be able to spend quality time learning the ins and outs of archery and perfecting your skills. You can have private sessions and come back for workshops or learning nights, and it’s the perfect way to have fun with your family and friends!


Best hiking trail near Grand Lake

I enjoyed this beautiful hike along the river at Mesa Gorge State Park. This is a mile and a half easy loop that is easy to moderate and you get to see some amazing sights. I walked this trail about two times in about two and a half days and loved every minute of it. I saw some incredible wildlife along the way and had some excellent conversations with other hikers. You can find Mesa Gorge State Park on the map. Best hiking trail in Denver A short stroll with an unbelievable view, this trail is tucked away near Mile High Stadium. It’s well maintained and has a stream running through it for cooling off. It’s another great trail that gets you in a great location to watch a few of the home games.


Best hiking trails in the Denver Foothills

1. Gore Creek Trail, Golden Gore Creek Trail, in Golden is a popular weekend hike with many open space lodges located along the trail and visitors stopping by to partake in picnic lunches and cocktails. The Gore Creek Trail is seven miles one way, and includes 300 feet of elevation gain and loss along the way. If you’re coming from Boulder you can travel over the 7th Street Viaduct to travel up towards Silverthorne, where you can continue on the Gore Creek trail. 2. Iroquois Trail, New Castle Iroquois Trail is a nine-mile round trip hike, traversing through Gore Creek in Colorado Springs. The trail starts in the city of New Castle and goes through mostly private property, however you’re allowed to share with the public.


Marco Island Home for Sale

 Marco Island

If you’re searching for homes for sale in Southwest Florida, make a point to discover the wonders of Marco Island, Florida. Home to six miles of beautiful white sugar sand beaches, this small city located directly on the Gulf Coast is close to the Everglades National Park and the sensational shopping of Naples. As the largest and only developed barrier island of the extraordinary Ten Thousand Islands, this palm tree paradise is easily accessible to the mainland by two separate bridges. Known for its year-round beach and boating, Marco Island has over 100 miles of canals for you to enjoy, in addition to a golf club and yacht club. Whether you desire restful seclusion, an active outdoor lifestyle or the best of both, every day feels like a vacation when you’re a resident of this charming island in sunny Florida.

Real Estate on Marco Island

Relaxed, resort-style living is within your reach when you buy a house on Marco Island, Florida. With choices ranging from $110k condos to multimillion dollar luxury homes, it’s easier than you think to leave the cold weather behind and treat yourself to the life you deserve in Southwest Florida. This area is also attractive to those wanting to vacation in a tranquil, but lively location, which makes purchasing a home that can provide additional income as a vacation rental a viable option. In addition, there are no city taxes, so when you buy a home in Marco Island you stand to save thousands of dollars compared to the U.S. median house purchase cost.


Because you want to buy the best home for your money, it’s important to work with a real estate agent who has sound expertise in Florida’s local and state-specific property laws. An agent should also work with you consistently to present a full analysis of the available homes that fit within your budget and personal requirements. Whether you’re interested in an inland, beachfront or water-direct home, condo or lot, a knowledgeable agent from will guide you through the entire process, resulting in a positive experience you’ll appreciate and a company you’ll recommend.


Selling your Marco Island, Florida home? We stay on top of the Marco Island home market, so contact to list your home on our website to sell for a higher profit.

Attractions of Marco Island

This friendly, year-round beach and boating community offers plenty of attractions that keep both the mind and body active, including private and public beaches, museums, numerous day trips and restaurants.

South Marco Beach

One of the two public beaches on the island, this is a great place for families to go shelling together, fish and see the dolphins play 

Tigertail Beach

This large beach area near the northern end of the island is excellent for shelling and getting together with family.

Hideaway Beach

This private beach area is designated for residents and guests of the Hideaway Beach private gated community.

Keewaydin Island

Cars are banned on this pristine barrier island that is accessible only by boat and inhabited by a variety of wildlife, including iguanas, wild boar and the gopher tortoise. Explore on foot, then grab a burger from the burger barge on the public beach.

Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Either by boat or on foot, birding, wildlife and manatee watching are popular in this 35,000-acre refuge located in the mangroves. Fishing and hunting are also permitted.

Briggs Nature Center

Located at the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, this center Includes three miles of trails and a ½ mile boardwalk that allows guests to view wildlife, such as bald eagles, fish and otters, in their natural habitat.

Otter Mound Preserve

This nature preserve provides mulched trails covered by a tropical hardwood forest.

Marco Island Historical Museum

Featuring the history and development of Marco Island, this unique museum explores the vanished civilization of the Calusa Indians that once thrived on the island that is now a destination for relaxation and entertainment.

Malenda Trick Art Gallery

Visit the gallery of renowned international artist Malenda Trick, an acclaimed painter who follows the style of the old world masters and 19th century impressionism.


Fine dining is plentiful on Marco Island. Relax and enjoy at the Fin Bistro, Ario, Verdi’s or The Oyster Society—just some of several exceptional restaurants that offer the amazing fresh seafood that Florida is known for.

 Southwest Florida Homes for Sale

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Home for sale Conifer, CO

5 Bed 4 Bath for sale Conifer, CO –

11537 Green Cir, Conifer, CO has the most amazing mountain views in all the Denver Foothills. If mountain views are an absolute must for your mountain home, this is home for you! 
With wood floors throughout, granite counter tops, hot tub and 2 huge outdoor decks for outdoor living, this home is a must see! 

From the amazing and high end kitchen appliances to vaulted ceilings that seem to touch the sky this home screams mountain living in luxury.

Main floor master bedroom with 5 piece bath.
3 Beds upstairs and 1 more in the lower level with walkout and lower deck. 

This beautiful home has tons of storage and the floorplan flows perfectly and almost every room in the home has a stunning mountain view.

The Conifer area is a great mountain destination nested at about 8,277 feet, located along U.S. Route 285 and nestled in the foothills southwest of Denver. It is a great area for folks that work in Denver but don’t want to live in the city. 285 gives a fast commute from Conifer to Denver. Conifer has great restaurants, festivals, and outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, four wheeling, camping, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and sledding! There is also plenty to do in neighboring towns like Evergreen and Morrison. 
Call Orson Hill Realty to learn why Conifer truly is a great choice for visiting and making it your home!

Conifer is located in unincorporated Jefferson County, Colorado. (There is no local government.) It is in the Denver foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, 35 miles southwest of downtown Denver. Jefferson County has a nationally acclaimed K-12 school district and a highly educated workforce. There are a number of local elementary schools (West Jefferson, Elk Creek, Marshdale and Parmalee), West Jeff Middle School and Conifer High School. Residents and businesses have convenient access to higher educational institutions such as the Colorado School of Mines, Colorado Christian University, Arapahoe, Front Range and Red Rocks Community College. 

Evergreen (80439) = 9,038

Conifer (80433) = 7,708

Pine (80470) = 3,922

11537 Green Cir

Give us a call to set up a virtual live preview or to get a recorded broker video preview. 303-503-8793

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5 Bed 4 Bath for sale Conifer, CO –


11537 Green Cir, Conifer, CO has the most amazing mountain views in all the Denver Foothills. If mountain views are an absolute must for your mountain home, this is home for you! 
With wood floors throughout, granite counter tops, hot tub and 2 huge outdoor decks for outdoor living, this home is a must see! 

From the amazing and high end kitchen appliances to vaulted ceilings that seem to touch the sky this home screams mountain living in luxury.

Main floor master bedroom with 5 piece bath.
3 Beds upstairs and 1 more in the lower level with walkout and lower deck. 

This beautiful home has tons of storage and the floorplan flows perfectly and almost every room in the home has a stunning mountain view.

The Conifer area is a great mountain destination nested at about 8,277 feet, located along U.S. Route 285 and nestled in the foothills southwest of Denver. It is a great area for folks that work in Denver but don’t want to live in the city. 285 gives a fast commute from Conifer to Denver. Conifer has great restaurants, festivals, and outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, four wheeling, camping, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and sledding! There is also plenty to do in neighboring towns like Evergreen and Morrison. 
Call Orson Hill Realty to learn why Conifer truly is a great choice for visiting and making it your home!

Conifer is located in unincorporated Jefferson County, Colorado. (There is no local government.) It is in the Denver foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, 35 miles southwest of downtown Denver. Jefferson County has a nationally acclaimed K-12 school district and a highly educated workforce. There are a number of local elementary schools (West Jefferson, Elk Creek, Marshdale and Parmalee), West Jeff Middle School and Conifer High School. Residents and businesses have convenient access to higher educational institutions such as the Colorado School of Mines, Colorado Christian University, Arapahoe, Front Range and Red Rocks Community College. 

Evergreen (80439) = 9,038

Conifer (80433) = 7,708

Pine (80470) = 3,922


Give us a call to set up a virtual live preview or to get a recorded broker video preview. 303-503-879

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Listing Your Home and Mistakes Your Listing Agent Should Stop You From Making

Orson hill realty has published a ton of articles approximately the errors dealers make when selling and list their home. We have touched on almost these kind of topics multiple times. Unfortunately i run into human beings every unmarried day that keep to make the equal mistakes over and over. Not certain if they are running with listing agents which might be afraid to do their process or they just forget about the professional that does this all day normal. Whatever the case dealers retain to make these errors. As a actual property broking the main part of my task is is telling humans matters they don’t need to listen. Hiring a real property agent that is afraid of dropping a client and afraid to inform them the god’s sincere reality. Like sorry mr. Supplier, i don’t care that the agent from xyz realty said your home is really worth $1,300,000 i’m afraid your one bed one bathtub cabin with out plumbing is only really worth $275,000. It's miles like going to a doctor that tells you that you are unwell and you ignore him and prevent going to him because he instructed you the fact. Kinda stupid to head a professional if you are just going to disregard them anyhow. No matter what a seller thinks, until they try this every day they're not as knowledgeable approximately actual property as they suppose…. Btw binge looking hgtv does now not make you well versed in real property. See i simply informed you the truth and a number of you already don’t like me. That’s good enough. My task is to what is exceptional for you and tell you the reality despite the fact that it hurts. Good enough rant over now allow’s talk approximately the errors i have been warning my customers about for years. Pricing your home
pricing your own home is where we will begin considering it's far the single biggest errors sellers will make even as promoting their home. It could additionally be the most costly and time consuming. It may’t be burdened difficult sufficient or screemed loud sufficient while we say do now not use zestimates to price your own home. Zillow is nothing greater than a website used to grab your information and sell it to humans like me. Marketers bid on your data. This is why in case you click the incorrect button on their internet site you'll be hounded by 30 agents until you exchange your range. While pricing your house you need an agent that may discover proper comps and in fact understand how to modify the comps well to locate the cost of your private home. This is why zestimates are so off. Except a consultant from zillow got here to your private home to examine to the neighbors domestic that just offered, they have no idea. Specifically in maximum of colorado as maximum houses are very distinct. Zillow would possibly serve a motive for homes in florida where maximum of them are cookie cutter homes and a development of 3000 homes had been all constructed at the equal time with the equal builder and equal furniture. Even then there are a few fundamental discrepancies in zestimates. Dealers need to agree with their agent after they deliver them the fee in their domestic. By no means go together with the agent that asserts “i will sell your private home for xx”. The agent has no control over what the marketplace can pay you for your own home. The marketplace tells you what they are inclined to pay for your property. Do not set displaying restrictions or decline showings
the next is large and quite a good deal a no-brainer however yet many sellers nonetheless set displaying time regulations or decline displaying requests. This promoting your property is a numbers game. At modern time the common showings earlier than provide inside the denver mls is 18 showings earlier than someone writes and provide. Which means you want human beings through the door to sell your house. A vendor needs to simply accept all displaying requests quick and no longer have “showing home windows” like monday and wednesday 3-7. That time may not work for the buyer agent or the buyers. While that happens they will just cast off your house for the list. Consider you believe you studied your own home is the best one available on the market…simply to be blunt it most probably isn’t. De-clutter your space! If you suppose you are done de-cluttering, then de- clutter a few extra. Make sure to remove as a great deal private gadgets as viable. Sellers don’t need customers getting distracted from the displaying searching at your trip to maui or your wedding ceremony pictures. It's far ok to box the whole thing up and stack it well inside the storage or unfinished storage room. Smartly even though. The home desires to be packed up for the flow in any case, why not begin now? It makes the home so much more attractive and dealers will see a better offer and less days on market. Additionally subconsciously shoppers feel that a messy cluttered home is owned via humans that might not have the delight in ownership and customers may also surprise what other deferred renovation is inside the home. A stinky residence doesn’t sell! One of the most effective reasons i have seen customers stroll in a home and turn absolutely round is scent. I’m a dog man. Human beings know dog scent can easily be mitigated. Hate to mention it but cats can lower your home price faster than a double murder inside the main bedroom. A huge quantity of the populace is very sensitive to cat scent. The ones humans will not buy a domestic that smell like a cat just peed on their leg. The alternative odor is a musty odor. The reason for that is it makes them think of one component. The “m” word. It's miles hard for people to distinguish the smells. They also are not knowledgeable at the distinction. You want to barter
sure everybody wants to win. No person wants to concede to some other in negotiations. The vendor needs to preserve the long term purpose in thoughts. The purpose is to promote the house. I've seen, infinite instances, each parties dig in over the maximum trivial things. Just out of spite. Million dollar offers have tanked over $500 because both sides wanted a pointless win. If the seller should have simply found out the real win become going to the closing table and get the million dollars and now not refusing to pay for a new light fixture. That is is a loss in my ebook particularly on account that that buyer become probably beneath contract on every other domestic before your private home even were given lower back in the marketplace. If that is all through normal provide negotiations dealers now want to apprehend we are no longer in a sturdy supplier’s market. We're drifting right into a flat and probably a customer’s market. Negotiate! Provide a bit and take a bit and recollect your purpose is to get to the finish line. From time to time you just need to repair matters to keep the deal collectively
an amazing client agent tells their shoppers “you are not shopping for a cutting-edge home” and the consumer ought to no longer anticipate that. With that being said the second maximum vital negotiations are the inspection objection. A client shouldn’t ask the vendor to replace all the mild bulbs however a vendor need to restoration a damaged water heater. As a supplier if you don’t reach a decision and the agreement terminates, preserve in thoughts your listing history shows the contract terminated 2 weeks in… about the equal time 99% of inspection objections are set as a closing date. Which means consumers think there may be some thing main incorrect with the home. Also if the inspection item become huge sufficient to be taken into consideration a cloth truth you now need to disclose that to potential shoppers. Why i used to be so blunt in this text
as i said it's far my activity as actual property dealer to tell your the reality even in case you hearth me for it or by no means lease me. Too many sellers tell the vendor what they want to pay attention understanding thoroughly it isn't always within the excellent hobby of the vendor to so. This is why so many human beings suppose little of real estate dealers. I can by no means mislead a purchaser to make them rent me. I sense better not getting a listing because i refused to tell them their home is really worth greater than it is. Your house is your biggest funding and i might never bs you about that. I will always inform you the cold difficult fact.


The Evergreen experience in something locals can experience everyday of their lives. It is the reason people live here in Evergreen. It can be anything from hiking any of the thousands of acres of open space or spending time enjoying Evergreen Lake by kayaking in the summer or fishing or ice skating. However you experience Evergreen you will live it! Evergreen is here for everyone living here or visiting to enjoy in so many ways. People often wonder why it is so expensive to live in Evergreen until they experience all it has to offer.

What are the best things to experience in Evergreen?

Evergreen can be a great experience for everyone. All ages and lifestyles. Evergreen has fun things for children to do as well as adults. Spending a day in Evergreen, CO or living here is always an experience. There are thousands of acres of open space and parks to hike. There are plenty of restaurants and places to see live music. You can always spend the day on Evergreen Lake in the summer or winter. You can fish year round on the lake. You can kayak and walk the lake during the summer. In the winter you can experience ice skating, hockey and ice fishing. There are lots of festivals and fairs in Evergreen,

Restaurants in Evergreen, CO

Evergreen has great eating and nightlife. Lots of bars have open mic nights and bands. The wild game and some of the bars downtown are great places to experience music. Willow Creek is one of the best restaurants in the Denver Foothills. Willow Creek is right on Evergreen Lake and has a wonderful deck to relax on and watch the lake.

Experience Evergreen Weather

One of the best things about Evergreen is the weather. It is Colorado but you wouldn’t know it. Yes there are days that it is cold but most of the time the weather is mild and sunny. The weather is usually a great Experience.

Evergreen Experience – Hiking

Three sisters is a wonderful experience for the entire family. There are plenty of easy trails and hard trails to experience. 30357 Buffalo Park Road
Evergreen, CO 80439

Near the heart of Evergreen, Alderfer/Three Sisters Park has stunning vistas, landmark rock formations, beautiful old stands of ponderosa pine and the most trails per acre of any foothills park—over 15 miles on 1,127 acres.

The Evergreen Experience
Experience Evergreen, CO

The Evergreen Experience 

If you want to experience the best of Colorado there is no argument that Evergreen is the best place to experience Colorado. 

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MLS# 5750750
2750 Witter Gulch Road
Evergreen, CO 80439
3 BR | 3 BA | 3,375 Sqft | Residential
This private and peaceful Evergreen 2 story mountain home features 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Entertain with a beautiful setting on the large deck overlooking a pond. With the comfort of a mountain home, there is an upstairs living room wi (more…)
Colorado Realty Pros
Open House Mar 8th
MLS# 4542446
204 Patty Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439
3 BR | 3 BA | 3,028 Sqft | Residential
Nestled on a lush 1+ acre lot, this enchanting ranch style home offers true main level living. The open floor plan is ideal for entertaining and offers spacious rooms, steeped in sunlight captured by the abundant windows throughout the ho (more…)
Madison & Company Properties
Open House Mar 8th
MLS# 8803111
1025 Nob Hill Road
Evergreen, CO 80439
4 BR | 4 BA | 3,830 Sqft | Residential
The most incredible views of the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Continental Divide await you in this luxury townhome in one of the most convenient locations in Evergreen. You and #x2019;ll instantly forget this is a townhome as the floor (more…)
Madison & Company Properties
Open House Mar 8th
MLS# 9044872
303 Cottonwood Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439
5 BR | 3 BA | 3,604 Sqft | Residential
This is your opportunity to build equity in Evergreen. This long-time owner of about 45 years had to move on so now you can move in. The older homes are on the best lots and locations in Evergreen because they had the first pick, and this (more…)
Madison & Company Properties
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MLS# 9011967
718 Aspen Place
Evergreen, CO 80439
4 BR | 4 BA | 3,024 Sqft | Residential
Welcome, the Rocky Mountain Lifestyle awaits you! Picture yourself sipping your morning coffee as the clouds float by. This home has one of the best views in Evergreen with beautiful rock outcroppings, aspen, ponderosa, and spruce trees (more…)
Resident Realty Colorado
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Real Estate Agents Lakewood CO

Real estate agents Lakewood, CO from Orson Hill Realty just out looking for homes for sale for their clients. Danny Skelly the broker/owner at Orson Hill Realty is out in Lakewood with his dog, Awesome. They are driving around neighborhoods in Lakewood looking for the perfect home for their first time home buyers. 

About Our Lakewood, CO Real Estate Agents

Orson Hill Realty is a company that specializes in luxury homes but they will work on any size transaction. Even first time home buyers get the same real estate service as their luxury clients. 

About Lakewood, CO

Lakewood, CO is a great city just between the Denver Foothills and Denver Metro. Lakewood is the perfect solution for people that work in Denver or the airport and don’t want to live in Denver Metro. Lakewood is close to the mountains for easy access for skiing and hiking. It is also close enough to Denver for sports and endless entertainment. 

The Lakewood, CO Real Estate Market:

Just like most of Colorado, the foothills and the front range, Lakewood real estate is pretty active. With the average home sale being lower than Denver and the foothills, Lakewood is seeing less days on market with prices still rising. Lakewood will always be a desirable area with all the things to do. Lakewood is the most populated city in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Lakewood Recreation runs and maintains four Recreation Centers for their residents and visitors, which feature an array of amenities including pools and splash pads, indoor and outdoor courts and varied exercise options.

Carmody Rec Center

Carmody hosts the largest cardio and weight room, outdoor fitness pad, aerobics and fitness studios, a gym with a track and indoor basketball, volleyball and pickleball courts. A free outdoor fitness zone is located adjacent to the center in Carmody Park.

The unique 50-meter indoor pool hosts swim classes, swim teams, aqua fitness, lap swimming and open swim. The seasonal outdoor pool provides swim lessons, open swim and a new family-friendly spray pad.

Lakewood Link Rec Center

The Link features a 2,000 sq. ft. climbing wall with adaptable equipment, a fitness area with strength training and cardio equipment and a 5,000 sq. ft. gymnastics center. Rooms are available to rent and it’s a popular location for birthday parties.

The center offers activities which include gymnastics, climbing, fencing and aquatics. It houses a warm water indoor pool with play features, an indoor/outdoor slide, aqua fitness classes, water walking and open play areas.

Charles Whitlock Recreation Center

Visitors can work out in the cardio equipment area of Whitlock Rec Center.
A very popular spot for fitness classes, adult sports and youth sports, Whitlock features a fitness studio, free weight and TRX zones, three gymnasiums, two racquetball courts and four outdoor pickleball courts. With all this equipment it is a full service gym.

Whitlock also houses an indoor aquatics area, which includes a warm-water therapy pool and men’s and women’s dry saunas.

This is just a small sample of what Lakewood has to offer their residents. For more information about Lakewood, CO just give your Lakewood Realtor, Danny Skelly a call at 303-835-9895.

More About the Best Real Estate Agents in Lakewood, CO…

Ask any real estate agents in Lakewood, CO how the market is and you will most likely get the same answer, is is still a great time to buy in Lakewood. When a buyer or seller is choosing the best Realtor to help them buy or list their home it is important to choose the right agent. A home or a seller is looking for a listing agent it is important they know the Lakewood area.  Lakewood is a great mix of city living in close proximity to the mountain life for a nice get away. It attracts all ages and has a great nightlife and things for people of all ages. Being in Jefferson County it is part of the Jefferson County School System. One of the best counties in the state for education.


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