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As a real estate broker based in Evergreen, CO, I may have some bias, but I firmly believe that Evergreen is the best place to call home if you want to live in the Denver Mountains. It's true that our property values have increased faster than the national average over time, but that's because Evergreen is such a desirable place to live.

Located just 30 miles west of Denver, Evergreen boasts stunning natural beauty, endless outdoor activities, and a warm and welcoming community. If you're considering a move to Evergreen, here are some reasons to make that decision.

The natural surroundings of Evergreen are awe-inspiring. The town sits nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, providing spectacular views of snow-capped peaks, sprawling forests, and clear blue skies. Evergreen also boasts its own lake, where you can take part in a variety of activities like sailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Hiking and biking trails are abundant, including the challenging Three Sisters Park and Maxwell Falls Trail, both of which offer breathtaking views of the terrain.

The tight-knit community in Evergreen is one of its greatest assets. The people pride themselves on their friendly, welcoming nature and are always ready to lend a hand to their neighbors. Everyone knows everyone, and there's a strong sense of belonging that can be hard to find in bigger communities.

One of the best things about living in Evergreen is the many community events that take place throughout the year. There's always something exciting happening, from music festivals to farmer's markets to holiday celebrations. These events give residents the chance to socialize and get to know each other.

For example, the Summerfest Arts and Crafts Fair is a popular event that attracts visitors from all over the area. The three-day festival features over 100 artisans and craftsmen, live music, food trucks, and a beer garden. It's a fantastic way to support local businesses and artists while taking in the scenic beauty of Evergreen.

In addition to community events, Evergreen also has a vibrant arts scene. Several art galleries and studios showcase works by local artists in various mediums. The nearby Center for the Arts Evergreen hosts regular exhibitions, workshops, and classes, while the local theater company puts on several productions annually.

Music is also central to life in Evergreen. The town has several music venues and hosts various outdoor concerts, including the popular Evergreen Music Festival.

Moreover, Evergreen boasts an excellent education system, with highly-rated schools that offer diverse programs and extracurricular activities. For post-secondary education, top-notch colleges and universities, such as the University of Colorado-Boulder and Colorado State University, are within driving distance.

Evergreen provides a great quality of life. As a town with a lower population compared to larger cities, it has all the essential services you need without the hustle and bustle. Groceries, shops, and restaurants are all easily accessible, and there are plenty of job opportunities in various industries.

Lastly, Evergreen has an affordable cost of living compared to other towns in the Denver metropolitan area. You can enjoy a comfortable home with a mountain view without breaking the bank.

In summary, Evergreen is a fantastic place to live, whether you want to soak in natural beauty, be part of a welcoming community, have excellent education, enjoy a great quality of life, or live affordably. So, if you're considering buying a home in Colorado, Evergreen should be your top choice.

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