Introduction:- Not everyone requires a brand new smartphone in their hands. Lots of us are satisfied with second-hand smartphones and in the past few years, second-hand device demand and popularity increased amongst the low and mid-range clientele. There are numerous reasons behind this spike in the market for second-hand smartphones. So without wasting time let's discuss all the reasons for growth in this specific market.

  1. Price:- Why does someone from middle and lower-range families want to spend a significant amount of money on devices that they can acquire for a lesser price. Their needs and requirements are different and they need the money to buy other necessities of their life. But since having a smartphone in the modern era is becoming a requirement it is an unavoidable situation and they succumb to buying it. But second-hand smartphones made everything easier for all of us. These phones are available in the market at a 50 to 70% discount and especially if you are purchasing them from local retailers bargaining is one of the options that one won't be able to resist and the retailer may increase the discount.
  2. First-time users:-  The older generations only needed feature phones in the past and only recently did they start thinking about switching to a smartphone and taking advantage of the latest technology. But as a first-time user, you might want to avoid unnecessarily spending money to buy a brand new phone. In the pandemic time, lots of kids needed a smartphone to attend their online classes and parents were kind of skeptical about spending money on a new device so they decided to go with a second-hand phone instead of going for a new one.
  3. Having a reliable platform to make the purchase:- In the past, second-hand gadgets were only sold in the grey market and these markets were unreliable and not trustworthy. There was no guarantee how long the device would last so people mostly used to dismiss the idea of a second-hand purchase. Things have changed recently. You don't have to visit these unreliable places and waste your money. When sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, OLX made it easier for you to purchase second-hand phones. Not only that, even our local retailers decided to enter this second-hand market due to the immense profit they will get when customers are demanding second-hand phones.

All of these factors are the major reason that second-hand phones became popular amongst the younger and older generation. But do you know how the demand is getting fulfilled in the first place?

Lower and middle-class families use everything until that product is done serving its purpose and the same goes for the phones. We never throw away a phone unless it stops working altogether and is beyond repair.

But Some consumers are always looking for the latest upgraded version of their smartphones. These users are obsessed with the latest edition and for them buying the current model is as much important as their next breath. So what exactly they do is sell old phones which they have only used for 8 months to 12 months and sometimes even 24 months. Practically these phones are good as new.

Sometimes they undergo the process of refurbishment where they are tested, repaired your old mobile, and sold. These phones not only will be able to provide you with a massive discount but you will also get a 6-month warranty card with them. You are also provided with necessary accessories with these phones. It's a good deal and one shouldn't miss such an opportunity handed out to them.

Apple iPhones are quite expensive and phone lovers in us are always urging us to buy this but the cost might deter one from buying iPhones. Second-hand iPhones finally helped people to fulfill their dream without spending lakhs of rupees on one single gadget.

 Yes, there are indeed brand new Android smartphones available in the market that are affordable and easily accessible for the middle class. But to stay updated on the latest technology these phones have proven to be quite useless since they don't offer you multiple latest features. But if you are buying a second-hand phone that was launched only 8 months ago, it is certainly providing you with all the features that are required in your daily life.

The majority of consumers prefer Samsung smartphones and Apple iPhone and getting a new one is not always an option since these are the two companies that mostly cater to rich and upper-middle-class consumers due to the high cost. The second-hand market changed everything overnight; such phones became accessible to lower-middle-class people due to the hefty discount. If you are wary to buy second-hand smartphones then refurbished which are also known as second-hand phones can be your go-to option cause you will get a warranty with it and it will be working on its full capacity since it went through the process of various tests and repair to help them in returning into their old self and work on full capacity.

Final Verdict:- It's not a bad thing to purchase a second-hand phone even if the money is not a problem in your case. Selling old phones with outdated features to retailers and on the online platform and replacing them with the latest feature smartphones is what you need to do and if it's second hand then imagine all the money that you will be able to save.