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The Root Acupuncture is happy to announce that they have
opened a new office location in Lakewood, Colorado. The
office’s acupuncturists, Erik Johnson and Zach Young, are
nationally recognized and certified as teaching experts in
acupuncture and other modalities of Chinese medicine.
Available treatments include acupuncture, auricular therapy,
B12 injections, Chinese medicine, cupping,
electroacupuncture, tui na massage, and moxibustion. They
want to emphasize that acupuncture and Chinese medicine
focus on the root cause of the patient’s health issues rather than
offer treatment for the symptoms. Acupuncture and Chinese
medicine may help in addressing a wide range of health
conditions, from back pain, to irritable bowel syndrome, to
Parkinson’s disease, and even the side effects of

Erik Johnson, the owner of The Root Acupuncture, explains, “At
The Root Acupuncture Clinic, we use a combination of both
Eastern Medicine (Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture) and
Functional Medicine to approach personalized patient health
care from all available modalities – creating profound balance,
harmony, and well-being in our patients. We recognize that the
human body functions structurally, chemically, and
bioenergetically. We specialize in musculoskeletal pain,
gastrointestinal health, stress, and sleep, but are able to treat a
wide variety of ailments.”

According to the provider of acupuncture, Lakewood residents
now have somewhere they can rely on. A key concern of
patients with regard to acupuncture is whether the needles will
cause pain. They want to point out that the acupuncture
The Root Acupuncture Opens New Office Location
in Lakewood CO.

needles are so thin compared to the standard hypodermic
needle that around 30 acupuncture needles can fit in the head
of a hypodermic needle. Also, when performing acupuncture,
the acupuncturist will insert a needle with a quick tap, which
means the needle will quickly bypass the epidermal layer of the
skin where the pain receptors are found. The result is that most
patients will only feel a slight pinch that disappears almost as
fast as it appears. Many other patients reported only feeling a
tap on their skin. At other times, especially when they are
working on larger muscles or tendons, the insertion of the
acupuncture needle may cause a slight twitch of the muscle or
a small ache in the area. But both sensations dissipate fast and
patients usually drift off to sleep and take a quick nap during the

Chinese herbal medicine originated more than 6,000 years ago
when the first authoritative documentation was released by
Shen Nong, who is internationally recognized as the Father of
Medicine. At present, the writings of Shen Nong have been
expanded upon, added to, and deeper researched with findings
and results indicated in the Chinese Materia Medica. The
Materia Medica has currently more than 1,800 distinct herbs
and over 10,000 formulas.

Erik Johnson says, “All of the acupuncturists in our clinic have
completed the full 4-year herbal program and are proficient at
prescribing Chinese herbal medicine to our patient base. While
acupuncture alone is amazing at helping to balance our
patients, Chinese herbal medicine is often essential for creating
profound effects. When appropriate, we will always recommend
custom herbal formulas to our patients to enhance the effect of
the treatment and/or help support the patient between regular
acupuncture maintenance treatments.”

Founded in 2015, The Root Acupuncture is owned by Erik
Johnson who uses acupuncture and Chinese medicine as
treatments for a range of health conditions, but he is focused on
sleep disorders, digestive problems, and stress management.
He obtained his BSBA degree in Hospitality Management from
the University of Denver and his MS in Traditional Chinese
Medicine from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese
Medicine. He is also trained in acupuncture and related
modalities, Chinese herbal medicine, and tui na
(physiotherapy/therapeutic massage). Zach Young, who is also
an acupuncturist at The Root Acupuncture, graduated with a
Bachelors in Business Management from Western Michigan
University. He got interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine
because of his digestive problems. Discovering relief for his
digestive issues through Chinese medicine, Zach attended the
Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine where he
obtained his Masters of Acupuncture with a Specialization in
Chinese Herbal Medicine.

When in need of an acupuncturist in Lakewood residents can
visit The Root Acupuncture website or contact them through the
telephone or via email.



About The Root Acupuncture:
Whether you’ve been suffering from chronic illness,
lingering pain, or just the stress and cares of everyday life,
get expert professional care from The Root Acupuncture.

Contact The Root Acupuncture:
Erik Johnson
13701 W. Jewell Ave, Suite #204, Lakewood, CO 80228

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