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Exercising is good, but calories are what count for losing weight

The Dever Post (Fitness) 8/18 4:56P The Washington Post
By Marlene Cimons , The Washington Post Exercise by itself won t help you lose weight. This is not to say that exercise isn t good for you; it is, in fact, great for you. It conveys an astonishing array of health benefits. But and we all hate...

Too Much Standing Linked To Heart Disease, Study Says

CBS Denver (Health) 8/18 10:27A Health – CBS Denver
CBS Local A new look at the health of Canadian workers suggests that people who mainly stand to do their job are more at risk for heart disease than workers who sit. Researchers followed 7,300 workers in Ontario, Canada who were all reportedly...

Doing A Little Trimming? Let’s Be Careful Down There

CBS Denver (Health) 8/18 10:24A Health – CBS Denver
By Dr. Dave Hnida DENVER (CBS4) One in four American adults who “trim up, down below” hurt themselves in the process. Ouch. The numbers come from a new survey of more than 7,500 people in the Journal...

New Treatment May Cure Peanut Allergies, Scientists Say

CBS Denver (Health) 8/18 7:43A Health – CBS Denver
CBS Local A new therapy being tested to cure people of peanut allergies has reportedly resulted in a huge success among the children it was tested on. Australian scientists say that the new treatment has kept their patients from experiencing an...

Failing To Identify Smells May Be A Sign Of Alzheimer’s, Study Says

CBS Denver (Health) 8/18 7:22A Health – CBS Denver
CBS Local Your sense of smell may be the newest weapon in the ongoing battle to detect and treat Alzheimer s disease. A new study says losing the ability to distinguish certain smells from one another may be a sign of the onset of Alzheimer’s....

Boy delivers baby brother (Health) 8/18 1:51A
SULPHUR, La. -- He's only 10 years old but Jayden Fontenot is already a hero to his newborn brother.

Colorado's Community Health Hero (Health) 8/18 1:46A Corey Rose
The 9Health Fair impacts hundreds of thousands of lives every year and helps families from all over Colorado own their health. But behind those numbers is a team of people working hard to make it happen from doctors, to the staff, to volunteers...

Fundraisers canceled at Mar-a-Lago after Trump’s Charlottesville remarks

The Denver Post (Healthcare) 8/17 5:52P The Washington Post
By Drew Harwell and David A. Fahrenthold , The Washington Post Three fundraising giants decided to pull events from President Donald Trump s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, on Thursday, signaling a direct blowback to his business empire...

Many Nurses Lack Knowledge Of Health Risks For New Moms, Study Says

CBS Denver (Health) 8/17 6:15A Health – CBS Denver
CBS Local A new survey has revealed that many nurses who care for new mothers do not have the medical knowledge to detect serious postpartum health conditions. The nationwide study says many life-threatening complications go without warning when...

National Parks Service ends ban on disposable water bottles

The Dever Post (Fitness) 8/16 7:37P Clarice Silber
PHOENIX The federal government announced Wednesday it will eliminate a policy that allowed national parks like the Grand Canyon to ban the sale of bottled water in an effort to curb litter. The National Parks Service said in a statement it made...
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