Polis: Utilities must protect consumers from natural gas prices

The Dever Post (Opinion) 2/6 3:11A Jared Polis
International conflict, extreme weather, and other external factors are driving higher home heating costs for Coloradans during our coldest winter months. Through no fault of our own, we Coloradans are seeing our monthly bills increase , meaning...

The legacy of a pioneering Colorado chairlift designer is up in the air

The Denver Post (Travel) 2/6 1:00A John Meyer
The historic Estes Park Aerial Tramway, designed by pioneering Colorado ski lift designer Robert Heron, may fall silent forever unless a buyer is found to take it over this year. Heron owned the tramway, which has been hauling tourists 1,100...

Ask Amy: A secret friendship harms intimacy

The Dever Post (Lifestyles) 2/5 11:30P Amy Dickinson
Dear Amy: I had a brief romance with Frederica while on a business trip in 2019. Sadly, we weren t able to meet again due to COVID restrictions, but we were effectively in a long-distance relationship for about a year. Ultimately, we concluded we...

Ask Amy: Holiday visit leads to weighty conflict

The Dever Post (Lifestyles) 2/4 11:30P Amy Dickinson
Dear Amy: Every year I spend the holidays at my sister’s house. The past couple of years have been a little crazy for us. Our mother passed away in the early stages of the pandemic. Then I was furloughed from my job, and my boyfriend decided I was...

Ask Amy: Offer of rides turns into taxi service

The Dever Post (Lifestyles) 2/3 11:30P Amy Dickinson
Dear Amy: About five months ago my friend “Stacy” fell on some hard times. I offered her rides to her job so that she could save up for another car, as her transmission went kaput. Stacy has been very good with reciprocating favors, contributing...

Letters: Lamborn shouldn’t throw stones at Omar from his glass house

The Dever Post (Opinion) 2/3 6:04A DP Opinion
Removing Rep. Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee Re: Omar’s antisemitism doesn’t belong here , Feb. 2 commentary Rep. Doug Lamborn s outrage over Rep. Ilhan Omar s rhetoric would be a bit more comical if The Post had not given Colorado s...

Opinion: Fact checking Derek Wolfe’s excuse to trophy hunt a lion

The Denver Post (Pets) 2/3 1:01A Deanna Meyer
I thought by now the news frenzy about a former Denver Bronco killing a mountain lion would have moved on to reports that we’ve found more presidential classified documents. But the story is alive and well unlike the mountain lion at the center...
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