Ask Amy: Mother-in-law wonders what she’s done wrong

The Dever Post (Lifestyles) 12/7 11:30P Amy Dickinson
Dear Amy: I am troubled. I have been giving really extending — the benefit of the doubt to “Jan,” my daughter-in-law, for some time. I see my son and Jan a couple of times a year, when I visit their city. I get a hotel room willingly and without...

Domo owner asks guest to be patient as he reopens restaurant

The Dever Post (Lifestyles) 12/7 1:00A Lily O Neill
Gaku Homma requires one thing from customers when they walk through Domo Japanese Country Restaurant’s recently reopened doors: patience. At 73 years old, the chef is still constantly on his feet, cooking, cleaning dishes and greeting guests. “I...

Denver’s best New Year’s Eve parties to ring in 2024

The Dever Post (Lifestyles) 12/7 1:00A Tiney Ricciardi
The countdown is officially on to, well, the countdown. Denver is brimming with New Year’s Eve events, whether you want to attend an all-inclusive soiree, a concert or a casual party. And the holiday...

Editorial: Denver needs more condos when a mid-range metro home costs $625,000

The Dever Post (Editorials) 12/7 12:01A The Denver Post Editorial Board
The housing market has cooled this winter and the median sale price for single-family homes in metro Denver was down 3.1% from Octobe r. But don’t celebrate just yet. The cost of single-family homes is still at an astounding mid-point price of...

Ask Amy: Mom is worried about friend who wants more

The Dever Post (Lifestyles) 12/6 11:30P Amy Dickinson
Dear Amy: I am in my 40s and a single adoptive mother of two girls. Many years ago, I met Jeremy on an internet dating site. While I wasn t romantically attracted to him, we became friends. From our first meeting, Jeremy made it very clear that...

Ask Amy: Friend wants bestie to leave boyfriend

The Dever Post (Lifestyles) 12/5 11:30P Amy Dickinson
Dear Amy: I hate my best friend s boyfriend. I met my “Shari” in high school. We have been inseparable ever since. Back then, she was outgoing, radiated confidence, was down to earth, and nothing ever bothered her. Since she began her...
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