Editorial: Dumb down standards for Denver police officers? Not so fast.

The Dever Post (Editorials) 5/29 10:50A The Denver Post Editorial Board
Denver needs more police officers on the streets, but not if recruiting new cadets requires dumbing down the standards and ignoring red flags in applicants. We are concerned by reports from the executive director of the Civil Service Commission...

GABF 2024 will have fewer sessions — and more than just beer

The Dever Post (Lifestyles) 5/29 7:50A Tiney Ricciardi
The Great American Beer Festival plans to reduce the number of attendee sessions in 2024 and permit breweries to serve additional beverages, including ready-to-drink cocktails. Boulder-based organizer...

Skip Starbucks and sip locally at these 4 Denver boba tea shops

The Dever Post (Lifestyles) 5/29 2:00A Lily O Neill
Bubble tea has been a staple in Asia since the ‘80s, but its popularity is exploding stateside. The often technicolored Taiwan-born drink is made with a hot or cold tea base combined with milk, fruit...

Explore Colorado’s electric byways on an EV road trip

The Denver Post (Travel) 5/29 2:00A Mindy Sink
The adventure no one needs this summer is having their car run out of gas or battery charge for hybrid and electric vehicles. As the state adds more charging stations strategically placed along scenic...

Letters: Mama bear didn’t deserve to be euthanized in Steamboat Springs

The Dever Post (Opinion) 5/29 1:01A TJ Hutchinson
Mama bear didn t deserve her fate Re: Bear euthanized after injuring person on morning walk, wildlife officials say , May 27 news story The Post reported that a black bear was euthanized in Steamboat Springs after swiping at, hitting, and knocking...

Ask Amy: Revenge plot may end with a bloody stump

The Dever Post (Lifestyles) 5/29 12:30A Amy Dickinson
Dear Readers: As I announced last week, my final “Ask Amy” column in this space will run on June 30. (Readers will be able to find me through my newsletter and on .) Until then, I’ll occasionally open my files and rerun some...

Finally, it’s tomato planting season in Colorado. Or is it?

The Denver Post (Entertainment) 5/28 2:22A Betty Cahill
When is the right time to plant tomatoes along the Front Range? Is it still too cold, is the soil dry enough, when s the next snowstorm, but I want to plant! Technically we haven t had consistent...
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