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Boulder Running Company co-founder’s new shoe store now open

The Denver Post (Food Retail) 1/13 10:20P John Meyer, The Know
Boulder Running Company co-founder Mark Plaatjes is back doing what he loves, combining his 20-year physical therapy practice with a full-service running store. And it seems fitting that his new store is just a block from the Bolder Boulder...

Get Cooking: What old recipes teach

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 1/9 3:00A Bill St. John
For year-end gifts, I received some cookbooks. I am easy to buy for. Cookbooks are my ties or socks. Two volumes, however, were very special gifts; their recipes date back to the Middle Ages. The...

Want a job in a fast-growing field? Try health care, employment report says

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 1/7 2:15P Judith Kohler
Some of the fastest-growing jobs in Colorado the next five years will be in health care, business operations and oil and gas, according to an international online employment website. A report by CareerBuilder says in Colorado and across the...

The gift of a simple rice frittata, for low kitchen energy days

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 1/7 1:00A Bonnie S. Benwick
The frittata di riso may have been born of Italians ability to repurpose leftovers in admirable ways, but in this recipe you ll cook arborio rice so the grains are plump and moist. As it happens, using fresh rice makes for a soft and tender...

This fast, no-knead focaccia is a gateway into the world of baking bread

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 1/7 1:00A Becky Krystal
One of the wonderful things about living, breathing and working in food is all that is new, or at least new to me. New recipes to try, new photos to drool over, new cookbooks to peruse. My desk is piled with those cookbooks, stacks about as stable...

Four new Denver brunches to try in 2019

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 1/3 11:38P The Know, Allyson Reedy
It’s a new year, and you know what that means: new brunches. There may be other stuff too, but let’s just stick with the brunches for now. We’ll take 2019 one Benedict, pancake and mimosa at a time. Much of the new brunch menu at Stoic & Genuine...

Boulder companies finding niche with better-for-you beverages

The Denver Post (Food Retail) 1/2 3:15P Pratik Joshi
For years, a question brewed in the minds of Dean Eberhardt and Andrew Markley: How to find a drink that is as interesting as craft beer, but with no calories and alcohol? Unable to find one, the Boulder homebrewers decided to concoct one. They...
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