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New Wash Park ice cream shop celebrates Apollo 11 with boozy space flavors

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/18 5:01A Allyson Reedy, The Know
Is there a better way to commemorate the anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing on Saturday than with a spirit-forward, smooth bourbon ice cream? If you said “yes, most definitely,” then you’re probably in the majority. But if you’re with us on...

Shrimp is a natural for grilling

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/17 2:00A Bill St. John
When you think of it, the original one-dish meal was some sort of seared meat on a stick (or spear, harpoon, lance, sharpened stick; it’s a long and ancient list). Although, I’m pretty sure the list didn’t include shrimp. That came later, maybe...

There’s a chicken soup for every season, and this one says summer

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/17 2:00A Bonnie S. Benwick
These are the days when food sites thrill to charms of seasonal eating. Tastes like summer! Perfect for picnics! Summer in a bowl! Summer on the grill! I wasn t expecting a hot brothy pot to figure into this line of tropes, but here it is:...

How to push fresh herbs beyond the garnish: Use with abundance and abandon

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/15 2:00A Martha Holmberg
Fresh herbs are one of the most straightforward and effective ways of elevating simple home cooking into something notable, and I cook with them almost daily. A few snips of chives on scrambled eggs, a shower of torn basil on tomato salads, sprigs...

This year, Colorado gets a whopping four Miracle Christmas pop-up bars

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/10 8:17A Allyson Reedy, The Know
In celebration of Christmas in July — or just a marketing ploy; whichever — the Miracle franchise announced the locations of their crazy-popular Christmas bars, with four (!!) popping up along the Front Range this winter.  Via a Sippin’ Santa...

With steaks, closer to the bone makes a difference

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/10 2:00A Bill St. John
Louis Prima, the Italian-American singer and trumpeter, had an untold influence on the grilling of beef steaks when he sang (in the song similarly titled), “Closest to the bone, sweeter is the meat.” For decades, grill masters and chow-downers of...

Geek out at these 10 free weekly trivia nights in Denver

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 7/9 6:52A Kaitlyn Bancroft, The Know
What’s lively and entertaining and might teach you a thing or two along the way? Trivia nights, of course, and Denver is home to a variety of them. Many trivia nights in Denver are put on in conjunction with Geeks Who Drink , an entertainment...
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